Sunday, 20 February 2011

Jokes of the week Part 2


- A Jewish man walks into ASDA and slams his circumcised cock onto the counter & says "roll that back, bitch". 

-  My wife said to me, "Why don't you buy something to make me look more sexy?"

So I went out and bought myself a bottle of wine and 12 cans of lager.

- I was talking to a blonde on BBM the other day...

She asked me what phone I had, typical fucking blonde.

- my wife asked me what i prefer about her
her sexy body or her pretty face
i replied "your sense of humour"

- I dont want to worry any of you, but im in casualty.

It turns out the Dyson Ball Cleaner isn't used for what i thought it was.

I like this!


  1. "your sense of humour"
    laughed so hard about this :D. will keep in mind if my girlfriend asks the same question :)